Thursday, December 12, 2013


Wanna learn the professional makeup artists secrets to glowing skin, high cheekbones and a chiseled nose? This tutorial will give you all the details!

I've received a lot of requests to do a full face foundation, contour and highlight tutorial and to also review the Kryolan concealer wheel that I've been using recently in my last few tutorials. So here it is! I do want to stress that this technique of contour and highlight is best suited for evening makeup looks, special events, weddings and photography. This is definitely not for an everyday makeup look. As you're going through the tutorial it may seem like a lot of steps and too much work but I think it's completely worth it, especially if your going to have pictures taken. It just brings this glow and dimension to your face compared to a one tone foundation routine which can look very flat in pics.

This method of contour and highlight has been around for a long time, but it has been made famous in the last few years by makeup artists like Kevin Aucoin and celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. My inspiration for this tutorial is Samer Khouzami, who is a Lebanese makeup artist. I follow him on Instagram and am just amazed by his technique and ability to transform anyone to look like a model. So do check out his work @samerkhouzami.

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Love You!

Tutorial and Pics....

Elizabeth Arden Good Night Sleep moisturizer, Laura Mercier Primer, Mac Fix Plus,
Kryolan Derma Color Concealer Wheel (It includes the following 6 colors from dark to light: D375, D100, D61, D4, D3, and D32),
Mac Orb Eyeshadow, Mac Blunt, Mac Refined Golden Bronzer, Elf blush Fuschia Fushion, Mac Belightful Highlighter, Mac loose powder NC40, Real Techniques Makeup Brushes.